Tick, Tick, Tick…Wish They Would “Flea”

Woofie!!!  It’s been a while.  Flea and tick season are upon us already, and it promises to be a tough one this year.  We are green and organic, so our suggestions for flea and tick control will be in that spirit.   We have read that conventional weaponry in the war on ticks and fleas may be as bad as or even worse than the diseases caused by these parasites.  Some dogs and cats exhibit excessive salivation, confusion, seizures and lethargy after applying the topical treatment.  That being said, flea bites cause discomfort and itchiness.  If your pet is allergic to flea saliva, the itching and scratching can lead to infection and even hair loss.  While fleas can be uncomfortable, ticks can transmit dangerous diseases to beast and man alike.

Nonchemical, natural products can be effective weapons.  They require a three part plan:

1.  Keep them off your pet.

2.  Keep them out of your house.

3.  Keep them out of your yard.

For step one, use organic shampoos, dips, sprays and powders that contain citrus oils.  Between baths, use a citronella collar, a natural insecticide spray or powder.  Use a flea comb daily.  Some natural remedies recommend the use of garlic,  garlic can be toxic to pets in large doses, so be careful.

For step two, launder your pet’s bed and clean area rugs at least once a week.  Vacuum sofas and floor cushions weekly, and dispose of the bag afterwards to get rid of any eggs that could hatch in the bag.  Also citronellas sprays on baseboards and borate type powders on carpets, or diatumacious earth can help to kill fleas by clogging their breathing passages.  Make sure, again, to vacuum after application.

Step three, outside, you can always add to the family with a guinea hen!  Aside from that, frequent mowing helps, as do nemotodes, microscopic worms available at garden supply stores.

If all else fails, consult your vet.  And, feeding your dog a minimally processed, wholesome diet makes them less attractive to pests because they don’t “smell” so delicious as hosts.

the green dog has a natural flea shampoo for purchase.  If your pet has a flea issue, please let us know when you bring him or in so we can give him the “Flea and Tick Funeral” treatment!

Hope you and your furry children are enjoying our early spring!


the green dog

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